Visions To Love & Beyond : Q & A with G. Peoples

Still Young Magazine DV8.9 | Written by: Chywrites | Photo Credit : Leon Behind the Lens

Modeling isn’t the only form of art that embraces vulnerability, in fact, poetry, alongside many other great creative outlets that thrive off of truth and freedom.

Up and Coming Artist Gregory Peoples, Born in Pensacola, Florida raised in Dallas, Texas,  is one artist who can be view as an individual who lives naked– walking freely in his most vulnerable state, as an artist unchained of humility.


Peoples was drawn to the arts just a few years ago where he practiced photography, which later transitioned into a larger part of his career; modeling. As modeling is a very opened form of art, with the power of exposing your true emotion and present feeling through the flash of a camera, Peoples confidence, comfort-ability and self love challenged him to further his freedom of truth through language–authoring his first book, ‘Visions: Trials of Perspectives.”  

SYM: How did you get into creating your own art?

PeoplesI was around  18, in my second semester of  college. I was doing photography, but it was more of taking pictures of other people. It turned out that a lot of my pictures weren’t really appropriate. Then, I thought about being in front of the camera more. I tried that and It turned out really well. I put my work online and a photographer that I work with a lot now, Jarriel Jones, hit me up–that’s what really helped me step into modeling.

SYM : How did you begin writing?

Peoples : I started writing as a way of mediation in terms of therapeutic healing–journaling my thoughts and feelings every single day, so I can gain some emotional intelligence. I was in a relationship with my first love at the time. That relationship had a lot to do with it–around that time I started writing a lot. That’s basically what started it all.


SYM: When did you make the discussion to publish your work?

G:Peoples : After a while I noticed I had a list of hundreds and hundreds of poems about love and mediation. I thought, wow what was I going to do with all this stuff, somebody needs to see this stuff. I started posting and I started getting so much feedback. I thought, I have more than enough to post every single day, so why not just put it all in one book. One day I was talking to a photographer by the name Thomas Massaquoi about how he had self-published some of his books–that’s what gave me the idea. If he can do that, I can do that to.

SYM : What did it take to process and  layout Visions?

Peoples : It took so much thought and decision making into going into each poem–the order the outline, the overall message of what you want to put out there.


SYM: How and why has meshing music been a way to  push Visions?

Peoples: Basically I was looking for another way to put my words and writing out there. A lot of great artist know how to evoke a certain emotion. There’s a lot of times, with a lot of these poems that I would just listen to certain song and write. Just with the music it evokes the kind of emotion I wanted from that specific poem.

SYM: What’s next in line for Mr.Peoples?

Peoples: I already have so many ideas for more books to do and so many more plans.Right now I’m definitely working on my music. I have a few projects on the way and I’m also going to infiltrate my poetry into my music. I plan on releasing an album this year with tracks of poetry in between songs.


For information and details on Gregory Peoples,”Visions: Trials of Perspectives” go to or follow him on Instagram @g_peoples.