The Barber Life

From a Hustla to a Boss

Written By: Chywrites

Photo Cred: Leon Behind the Lens @youngking1_

A barber, as many other cosmetic services level out two types of entrepreneurs, The Hustla, one who works their service to create other service opportunities; or The Boss, one who works their service and manages responsibilities to sustain professional upkeep. Young Boss in Business, Joseph Igobeli, Owner of Joe’s Barber-Cide is the young entrepreneur who hustled his way to live life as a BOSS.


Joe was a natural, almost to say when he first started practicing with the clippers. Once he began, his gifted hands allowed him to present not only a clean cut, but an appealing one as well.


“My dad was the first person to cut my hair. My older brother was the first person to actually pick up the clippers out of my siblings. Once they moved in 2002, I was either going to get a afro or cut my own hair.” said Joe “So I just picked up the clippers and started cutting from there.”

Moving through high school, then on to playing college football back in 2012, played a major role to Joe’s consistency as a self-proclaimed barber at the time. He’s persistence allowed him to gravitate clientele, servicing nearly the entire football team at Texas Southern in Houston, where he attended. Jo’s relaxed energy, along with word of mouth, validated his position from a hustla to a boss.

Barber-cide close up

As Joe progressed in his craft, he wasted no time to take heed to a promising opportunity that was right at the disposal of his finger tips. Just  3 years after college, Joe invested in himself and founded his very first barbershop, Joe’s Barber-cide by the age of 25.

Barber-cide shop

“I started cutting hair at the age of 12– summer to 7th grade. As I grew, through high school, I worked up the courage to start cutting friends, and on into college. I played football for Texas Southern in Houston and at Kilgore College in East Texas, finishing up at the University of North Texas (UNT) in 2012.” Said Joe, “ After football, I enrolled in barber school in 2013. Graduated barber school, invested in myself and opened up my barber shop May 2015.”  

Even though Joe made a way to sustain a lifestyle through his brand, he faced a few challenges along the way, which didn’t necessarily block his progress but challenged his ability to grind for what he wanted.

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“The hardest challenge for me was giving myself the determination. In this world, a lot of people try to have other people believe in them before they believe in themselves, but the best way to get anywhere is to believe yourself. After you get past that, just thank God for these hands that work and these eyes to see.” -said Joe

Joe has definitely been obedient throughout his past, dedicated to his craft, and constantly building his brand to live life as a BOSS. As many things can be expected for 2018, The Young Boss in Business can be found anytime, right inside Joe’s Barber-cide!

Quote a few from the Barber-cide crew

Drew Wright@downcuts

23 years experience

Drew cut2

“I make sure I make clients look good smell good all the time.”


Jamal Ismail @Iaslim_92

14 years experience  

close up Drew

“Always give yourself room enough to grow.”


Jesse Garca @jboogie2588

12 years experience

JBoogie 4kidshoot

“Family is everything.”