A Southern Plate with New Orleans Taste

Time does not limit what’s destined for you, but you can limit yourself by never trying at something you love to do. A married couple born and raised in New Orleans now residing in Dallas Texas, Brandy and Ronald Pierre, took a leap on faith and good food to own and operate a southern catering business—Pierre’s Southern Flare.


Pierre Southern Flare specializes in New Orleans style cuisine and southern comfort foods all ranging from Jambalaya, Creole Red Beans, Salisbury Steak, plus more.  The up and coming catering service has been operating just a little over a month and even with its newly advertised plates, business is on-going by the day.


“It happened when my husband started ciphering off my food to his co-workers and they loved it. He wanted to start a restaurant business, but I was in the corporate America mindset and I wasn’t thinking about being an entrepreneur until one day we decided and said let’s do this and it’s been taking off ever since.” said Brandy.

Mr and Mrs. Pierre work their magic in and out of the kitchen by teaming up hand and hand, side by side to communicate, service and deliver plates from Pierre’s Southern Flare with love and gratitude, always putting the customers taste first.

“He’s the salesman, I’m the cook and together we plate the food. My grandmother had me in the kitchen since I was four and it’s always been a passion of mine to cook for my family. To now see it turn into a skill set that God has given me to profit is a blessing.” said Brandy, “Ronald has the charisma to gather people around and get them to listen. So, putting that together we learned that we’ve become a great team. He has his lane, I have my lane and when we join together it’s magical.”

Mr and Mrs. Pierre are here for the long-haul and as their journey continues to service good southern food, it is without a doubt that the success behind and within Pierre’s Southern Flare will flourish as your food catering service.

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