She Walks, Talks and Elevates

Written By : Chywrites | Visual Credit : Leon Behind the Lens @youngking1__

A woman that demands change, is a woman of strength, pride, and dignity. Have you looked in the mirror to demand a better me?

Demanding a Better Me is an up and coming growing brand, that you may have discovered as your “go to podcast” streaming via social media. The podcast came into fruition after manifesting a dream and bringing it into reality with the help of persistence and strong belief. screenshot_2019-01-12-06-56-12~2

The podcast is told through the lens of a single mother / entrepreneur, Daci J, an open minded, free spirited, down-to-earth, “let’s talk about the real shxxt” kind of chick, who expresses her views on her individual experiences and life-lessons openly and unapologetically. The conversations vary between men and women, to bring the best of both worlds to creative conversational dialogue.


“Demanding a Better Me is my diary, so I talk about everything that’s going on, whether it’s something about my children, my baby daddy, my friends, my love life (the majority is my love life) everything.” Said Daci, “If you want to hear about sex, love , marriage, or divorce–I’ll give it to you, straight, no chaser.”

The podcast began streaming on Instagram, then moved to Facebook live, from there, Daci J’s and her team hit a major milestone marker, mid-year 2018, establishing ownership through several popular networking streaming sites, after only running the platform for 1 year.  The constant wave of elevation became a true reflection that dreaming is believing when doing it is your hustle.

“At first I didn’t know what a podcast was, we were only doing live videos. When me and my manager, Ashley Burrougha from Ash B Productions, started researching, we actually saw a interview of the Breakfast Club with the anchor platform that I used to record; that was October of Last Year.” Said Daci. “Back in February, they put us on apple podcast first, then it went from apple to google and later Spotify.”

The growing platform, Demanding a Better Me, has since made even bigger milestones since all of the great accomplishments made in 2018. Daci J and her team are literally stepping into the new year with an entire new agenda surrounding branding and building.


The headstrong single mother / entrepreneur is looking forward to merchandising and establishing sponsorship(s) that will ultimately assist in thriving and living a life that Demands a Better Me.