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Let’s Talk About It:

Tatted Souls: The Movie
September 11, 2017

“Tatted Minds hold Tatted Souls, so be mindful of those you meet. With caution, awareness and forgiveness be kind to those you see.” –Chywrites


Tattoos are symbols of things and meanings that bring value to one’s’ individual life. Women and Men, in disregard to the obvious, race, height, hair, sexuality,..etc,  are all one in the same, with the exception that the only separation between any human, are the cards dealt for each and every individual life.

Shondra Harris,  Talented Beyond Belief Executive Producer is on a mission of her own as she dug deep into society’s biggest issue today, “accepting and/or respecting those “unlike you” in any and every situation.” in her most recent debuted independent film, Tatted Souls.

The title makes a statement for itself, but the movie will either strike a nerve for some, or embrace the reality of others.


“We did this movie to give a better understanding to people who don’t understand, as our tagline says, “people fear what they don’t understand.” -said Harris. 

Tatted Soul is about a preacher’s daughter entering her first year of college as an aspiring journalist. Who discovers, through a semester project, that love and happiness looked exactly her but would never be accepted. She faces self acceptance, judgement and disappointing her religion.

“The LGBT community is not always about sexual encounters, we go through everyday life just as any person. We have, hardships, good times , all of that. We just want people to have a different understanding and look at things differently. ” -said Harris 

Tatted souls speaks volumes as the film connects real issues, family matters, religion and love to current situations today.


Tatted Souls: The Cast