Chy in the City | The Aviated Visuals First Solo Art Show

January 28, 2018

Written by: Chywrites 

It was my first art show. A rather intimate social gathering.


Leon, Still Young Magazine Content Photographer | Chywrites, Still Young Magazine Editor-in-Chief

I didn’t know what to expect, or what to think. However, I knew I was on my way to live in the moment at Aviated Visuals, Jabare’ Ousley, First Solo Art Show, On The Move.





It was 58 degrees and a half lit moon, what a scenery for a free expression kind of night. The atmosphere was in-sync with downtown Dallas and the city lights. I arrived at a secret loft location, and then, directed to eighth floor. After entering room 846, I was instantly embraced by one of the host—very friendly and inviting. The layout of the space was very spacious.
I introduced myself and continued to move along to experience the waves of the artist. The artwork was showcased on the wall, wrapping around to the eighth floor city skyline view—I had the best time savoring the moment of my first art show.
The crowd was everything!  Everybody had swag! Very intimate, surrounding close friends and family. I even managed to shake a few hands.


@Wrightarttwins x Chywrites  |  @Wrightarttwins x Leon @youngking1__

Although I was attending an art show, art wasn’t the only talent in the room, which made this moment even more cherish-able. I met some really awesome people. You know, like minded individuals, the ones that create (I’m all about that).


@Kionnamu featured Poet | Chywrites | @Dey aspiring Artist

And, let me not forget to mention the entertainment line-up, it was so worth it, there was nothing but hip-hop, poetry and art surrounding the room.


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@flywlkr featured Artist |@ikeepit100k featured Artist/Producer

I could tell this moment meant a lot to the Solo artist—a huge milestone. Congratulations. It was a pleasure to witness so many artistic pieces designed from the heart! I truly appreciate your work.


Jabare’ Ousley, Solo Artist x Leon, Photographer @youngking1__  | Jabare’ Ousley, Solo Artist x Chywrites

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Chy in the City | Part 2 | Designs by Ky | Dallas RAW  2018

January 12, 2018

photo credit: Leon Behind Da Lens @youngking1__





The fashion was real, raw, and uncut. The Envision : RAW DALLAS FASHION SHOW, was by far the best yet for the start of 2018!

The show was so real. There was literally a montage of conscious talent surrounding gifts of music, fashion, and liberating art– a site to see, a place be; the RAW DALLAS FASHION SHOW.


The start of the show, showcased amazing talent heard through music. The sound from each performer was breathtaking. During the show, I found myself grooving to the sounds of each artist, unconsciously, as the lyrics and upbeat instrumentals moved my inner-spirit to want to get down and boogie! It felt like I walked into a fashion, decoy to a concert–sick.

The Gas Monkey on Dallas Blvd was the hot spot for the night. The large space was filled with entertainment as the show exposed the RAW to all artist, pieces, collections  as well as Fashion. Vendors show cased just about everything from fine jewelry to delicate art.

The crowd was very diverse, but the atmosphere felt very urban. Around the crowd you could see bold statements worn by individuals that screamed “ RAW, I AM THE CULTURE”. And even relaxed looks that spoke for vibrations of casual outings–ya know, jean fit,.etc.


I, myself on the other hand had to go a little more CITY, so I wouldn’t come off so CHY, and Leon, the photographer, well, he’s always ready on or off-set!

Editor & Photo

The fashion show, more like, the main event, ended the whole experience with a bang. The designers were live and in-color. The stage where they strutted their stuff stated the obvious, raw fashion, as each model gave a fearlessly and fierce street confident walk through.


Left Model : Lex @mrs_lexx | Bottom right Jess @jess.jhanee

Featured Designer, Designs by Ky made it her mission to bring the RAW and UNCUT to the stage.


Featured Designer _Designs by Ky @designsbyky

Each piece she presented within her collection, I can identify as, Urban Street Culture. She brought fun pieces that incorporated mesh, denim, camo, and more to the fashion forefront. It was a site to see Ky and her fashion expertise run the runway.

models 34

That concludes Chy in the City P1 & 2 with featured Designer, Designed By Ky and the Dallas Raw Fashion Show experience.

Models + Editor


Chy in the City : A Glimpse of Designs by Ky | Part 1

January 9, 2018

photocred: Leon Behind Da Lens @youngking1__

Women are fun, feisty and fierce, but to say the most they get FINE for camera TIme!

The Queen Designer herself, Kymberly Achuba A.K.A Designs by Ky, shut the city down for a 4 hour exclusive photoshoot. So, ya’ll know Chy had to be on set for that!

Click link for video https://www.tumblr.com/blog/chywrites

Designer Ky, is no amateur when it comes to fashion and designs. In fact, she began appearing in fashion shows, rocking her own designs just two years ago. On a runway way  back in April 2016,  Ky made her first appearance to a small crowd, as a fashion designer at a spoken word poetry event in Dallas.  A few months later, Ky made some connects and in a short distance of time, she found herself lined up as the next featured artist in New York Fashion Week, the year of 2016, which explains how she brought the heat to the photoshoot.


“That’s all I needed was that one person to actually give me the opportunity and after that, I was poppin. Well, (lol) not necessarily, but it did make it easier for me to network and things like that.” -said Ky

The models on set were fine as wine and their confidence raided the atmosphere–literally. The chic, elegant glow captured from each model, flawlessly complimented the photoshoot.  The selected styles, chosen by KY herself, were in the moment, yet very carefully pieced. The photographer was Ill. Her creative control, as the photographer, brought the sexy out of the models, enhanced the swag to each design, and most importantly, she killed the shoot.








black &white kyKy has a vibe that will leave you speechless, especially after checking out what she has in her wardrobe closet.

I was left speechless and full of creativity  from my very first Designs by KY Experience. Keep on the lookout for Designs By Ky as she prepares for the RAW Dallas Fashion Show, January 11, 2018!

ky quote

As Ky discovers more fashion, let’s explore Ky by Designs! As it is her fashion identity!

Stay Tuned for Part Two of Chy in the City | The Raw Fashion Experience


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