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Part 2  | The Makeup Craft with Dallas Beauty Blogger | Leah Shoats


Girl Shxxt Features | Dallas Beauty Blogger, Leah Shoats, Owner and Operator of| follow via IG @dallasbeautyblogger

Part 1 | Introducing Dallas Beauty Blogger | Leah Shoats

Are you a beauty babe?

You know, the kind of girl that loves to express herself in beauty. The one that will spend Friday night recreating or creating bomb ass looks just to say, “I found a new way to beautify my face”.

Is it you?

If not, don’t sweat it because this segment of Girl Shxxt was hand picked just for you! Allow us to introduce our special Girl Shxxt feature, Leah Shoats, the Dallas Beauty Blogger!

Good things to remember

  • Honing your craft is essential to mastering it.  
  • Knowledge is power to every skill learned.
  • Repetition secures the vision.

Watch below to catch a vibe from the Dallas Beauty Blogger herself, Leah Shoats, press play.



Girl Shxxt Features | Dallas Beauty Blogger, Leah Shoats, Owner and Operator of| follow via IG @dallasbeautyblogger


Moore Tour | VDAY SLAY


Who needs to be wined and dinned and SLAYED this VDAY?





Girl Shxxt Video 4| MooreMakeup Media presents VDAY Inspired Slay| follow via IG @mooremakeupmedia FB @Joslynnmoore

Moore Tour | Very Fairy Chic Pink






Pink is always a go to glow!

Girl Shxxt Video 3| MooreMakeup Media presents Very Fairy Pink | follow via IG @mooremakeupmedia FB @Joslynnmoore


Girl Shxxt Chat | HerMotions

Grab a seat sis, lets chat about GIRL SHXXT

What up Galzzzz! A few things have been in and out of my mental, and translating into my temple of love. Do you know what I speak of? I think we all do, emotions, but for us I call it Her Motions.


Written by: Chywrites  | Photocred : Anonymous

HerMotions originated from the woman who becomes her emotions–classic, I know!

Let’s jump right in.

Okay, growth is one of those things that over time, if we pay enough attention to self, helps us manage and understand the many things we don’t  in particularly, our emotions.

Yea SIS I said it, we are NOT always aware of our emotions, and it’s okay.

For instance, how many of us have called our man because of something this small {.} (can you see that, exactly) tugging at our mental, ya know just fucking up our MOTION, then, we end up spiraling out of control complicating the entire conversation.

Or even, just trying to have a heartfelt conversation about something that’s bothering us and before we know it, we break out in tears.

The list goes on and it gets a whole lot deeper; insecurities, getting in our own way, not getting our way,(etc…) all that shxxt ain’t nothing but GIRL SHXXT and we need to chat about it.

Having emotions and being emotionally aware is truly an art, yet never discovering them is an even bigger loss, which makes learning to handle them the most important key to becoming a self-conscious woman–a true nurture.  

Now, I’m a learning vessel just like you, so I don’t got the answers SIS, (lol) however, I may have a few tips from self-evaluating myself a bit, that you may find helpful advantages on your HerMotion journey.  

  • Breathe.
    • Everything is not going to crumble your world. Life happens and when it does your never going to be prepared. Stay true to your faith, throw your hair in a messy bun, slide into them big girl panties and take that shxxt on the chin. They may not understand but if you keep yourself composed, YOU WIN.
  • Write.
    • Thoughts and feelings live a space of its own so try to jump into that space open minded and break down the why and the how, write it down and come up with the LOGIC behind it, not your the emotional reality.
  • Listen.
    • Pay attention to your moods and find the balance. Understand the starting point from becoming emotionally sidetracked on a perfectly good day. If we listen to our bodies, we can catch the inconsistencies.

Being emotional takes a lot of energy, in fact, it’s rather draining, but lets face it, If we weren’t as dope as we are, we wouldn’t be challenged to control those feelings in a more conscious way that allows us to understand our mind, body, and spirit on a whole different spiritual level.

To wrap up this chat, I say we take back what it means to feel and stand tall to the people that shout at us as dysfunctional stereotypes, being too emotional or emotional wrecks, with our shades on and our lipstick in intact, then we flip our hair and recite this chant,

STFU, we just doing GIRL SHXXT!



P.S. Ladies, get extra mushy for your Valentine, he deserves all your emotions.


The Intern Artist | MooreMakeupMedia

Meet Joslynn Moore, CEO of MooreMakeupMedia, the self -taught up and coming Make-Up artist. Joslynn is a 26-year-old multi-talented woman with an eagerness to learn more and teach/share her knowledge on makeup with other artist. We believe through her passions and eagerness, she is one that many independent women could relate to, especially when it comes to building avenues to becoming your own boss.

Enjoy Making up with Moore in a bi-weekly streaming DIY Make-up Moore Tour. Watch below

Makeup Moore Tour | Lips Like Glitter : Chic & Sexy Slay

A glitter pop Tangerine kiss are ideal lips I’d love to kiss! MUAH. MooreMakeupMedia takes us on a lipstick poppin slay day, with this chic, sex appeal glow face beat! Yum,






This face feels like a night out, or something fun like a girlz tour. Dinner in a movie might be too slick, don’t want to mess up my poppin ass lipstick!

Girl Shxxt Video 2| MooreMakeup Media presents Lips Like Glitter : Chic & Sexy Slay| follow via IG @mooremakeupmedia FB @Joslynnmoore

Makeup Moore Tour | Soft Glam: Everyday Slay 






Girl Shxxt Video 1| MooreMakeup Media presents Soft Glam Everyday  Look | follow via IG @mooremakeupmedia FB @Joslynnmoore