Girls do what the Fxxk they want with Big Afros, Fast Cars and Pretty Rolled Blunts”-Still Young Magazine 


Girl Shxxt (GS) was created to engage with women on a free scale, regardless of status, age or race. We understand that girls become women, and women were once girls, meaning that at some point of our lives, we went through it, got out of it, probably went through it again, cried a few times, laughed even more and fought even harder because it’s our nature–as loving, nurturing creators.

GS is dedicated to embracing, educating and motivating women through fun feminine creative content from fashion, glamour, inspirational conversations, tips, romance plus more. Our GS topics are not just designed to enjoy but to learn from as well!


Welcome to Girl Shxxt Let’s Get Engaged

As we are just now launching our Girl Shxxt platform, we would like to inform you of our content line-up, which we will increase as we structure our content to introduce new content and topics Bi-weekly .

However, for now, here’s what you can expect:

  • Special Feature | Intern Artist (Beginning 3.9.18
  • Chy Shoe Cam (Beginning 3.14.18)
    • Shoe Cam report – what’s in your closet
  • The Bag -vs- The Tote (3.20.18)

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