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Written by: Chywrites

When you create art, create it from your heart” – KKrazy501

An open mind will lead you to places the naked eye can’t foresee, and that is the beauty behind Karlon, KKrazy501, McGruder, Founder of Krush Dem ReKordz (KDR), an upcoming production surrounding music, art and film.


McGruder was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas where he began his music and art career. He has since been an ongoing musician for over 20 years and counting. His promise to his plan, has led him on the path of progressive graditication, as he has been able to expand his brand, Krush Dem ReKordz (KDR) from his music to producing novelties and many other profitable entities.


“It’s Krush with a “K” and it’s actually a vision I had at a young age. The visual is my hand crumbling and krushing CDs, Krush Dem ReKordz. The name derived from the art and creativity that I had. It started in elementary with poetic devices and being able to create something whether it was tangible or not tangible.” -McGruder

Me and Mama Hands

McGruder has always been one mind, one sound when it came to his art. His music on the other hand pays a significant tribute to his universe as he creates his passion, music, from not just good vibes but with his beloved mother Carolyn McGruder.

The lyrics behind the sound of McGruder demonstrates real life struggles, situations and present events, that compliment the authentic aura he carries about himself.  Alongside his music, McGruder made major moves early 2017 outside of his production, such as, taking a leap of faith to relocate his music and his family to the midwest region of Chicago and surrounding cities for a more wider range of opportunities, which has only brought great measures to his career thus far.


“Little Rock is the Capital City of Arkansas and it was rough growing up in the part of the city that I’m from–the southside of Little Rock. Situations and circumstances turn into opportunities and great commitments and I choose to expand myself, not because I was bigger than what I was, but because I was bigger than the situation I was in.” -McGruder

Believing in himself along with his gifts has allowed McGruder to basket humbly, alongside his vision to become the BOSS he always knew himself to be. It’s not the beginning of McGruder’s journey, and definitely not the end. McGruder keeps himself encouraged in his creative space effortlessly, as well as care for his love-ones day by day, through positivity, prayer and hustle. The Arkansas Native and Founder of KDR is a man that not only dreams but pursues.
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