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The Lady in Jean

Written by: Chywrites

Photo cred: Leon Behind the Lens @younking1_

Never leave the house without looking your best were the very words, to spark the fashion consciousness of aspiring designer, Sabin Davis.

Sabin Back Pose

Sabin Davis is an aspiring artist pursuing fashion and artistry, through the eye of expression, at the University of North Texas, (UNT). Davis has been indulging in the fashion lifestyle as an artist since her tomboy days as a young child, and even then, with a Sophisticated Swag like that, she was challenged by her own consciousness to slay, even on her worst day.

“My grandmother was old-skool, she’d never leave the house without looking her best.” said Davis, She’d always put me in frilly dresses and do my hair–I just hated it, lol! Being that I was a tomboy growing up, I had to find my way of expressing myself, you know, voicing my opinion through fashion and still being presentable.” -Said Davis.


Sabin trusted in her style and developed what she and her like-in-style sister defines “Sophisticated Sexi” the sum of sexi, edgey and tomboy elegance through fashion.


“I wanted to be comfortable for myself, I didn’t want to jump into fashion, pushing boundaries–I wanted to learn and perfect my style.”- Said Davis. At that time, even now, it’s being a tomboy and putting an edge on it. I’d express my style as tom-boy & sexi. My sister and I call it Sophisticated sexi.” -Sabin Davis



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Sabins’ style brings a sophisticated, sexi, edgy, fashion sense to the forefront, and even though her style slays, there is even more to Ms. Sabin Davis and her creative streak.