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No Market. No Profit. No Business | Ways to Market Your Business

Come back.

Time is money but all time spent doesn’t make money. Sure, when starting a business time spent can be paid differently–most of the time it’s not paid in dollars. It’s unfortunate but, that’s just how it goes. 

Business is all about stra-te-gy, whether your service sells tangible or intangible items. Customer engagement, sales and marketing all play a huge part in strategizing your business to make a profit. Ultimately, business is just the playing field that allows you to plan ways to grow and/or multiply profit.

Think about it, business men and women are very strategic thinkers. They partner with other like minded individuals to think of alternative ways that allow them to stay in the game and grow, in order to sustain in a very competitive market. And even though businesses have there own lane, businesses within every market, including yours, are still competing to be No. 1 in customer engagement, sales and profit.

So, what ways can help market your business?


  • Build your platform {Website, Business Page, Social Media Account }
    • Start small. A website is ideal for most prospect business owners and it’s really a great thing. However, websites can be costly and the best things in life are free!
    • Consider creating a professional Facebook Page, a business Instagram or Twitter profile. These accounts are very easy to use, plus with the wide range of social media users, you’d be able to engage with your audience just by having it up and running.
  • Keep them Curious {Post, Information, Pictures}
    • Curiosity brings newcomers and old ones back! Business as we know, comes off as a hit or miss, especially when it’s new, but a key point to remember is that business is consistent.
    • Build your base and provide your business platform with daily or weekly content that allows your potential clients/customers to engage, whether that be through visuals, content or post.
    • Communicate the same message everywhere with good energy to build new and keep existing clientele.
  • Spread the Word {Join new groups and attend events}
    • Word of mouth is how my business got out. It’s true, a good word can bring a heck of a lot of business to you, so stay ready by preparing a business pitch and understanding your skills or services.
    • New products are always good to pitch, but be careful because customers and clients have been doing business with other people for years. So knowing your business and spreading it with high interest and confidence will steer you to more prospects that eventually turn into returning clients.   
  • Follow-ups {Email Blast }
    • Meeting new people and telling them about your business is refreshing, but following up means your about your business.
    • Good Customer Service is vital, especially in this age of technology, where communication can be replaced by short form and follow-ups can be seen as apart of the older generations, but don’t miss out on any advantages.
    • Customer check-ins are key-factors that hold the key to a lot of success. Although customers/clients may do business with you, after the sale or project is complete does not mean your business is done. Customers and clients want to feel good about spending their money, they want it to be worth it, so check-ins on product or service satisfaction can be the keep to multiplying your profit.  

…These four Marketing tips can be helpful for any business just starting or already established. At least, it will definitely get you off to a good start. So, take a risk and apply these marketing tips to beginning Marketing to Profit Your Business.


My Mother Means To Me 

A mother is more than the carrier of life.

When a woman becomes a mother, She, the woman, then becomes her best protector, as her existence transcends into something every vessel entering life will need. Her senses will become  heightened connecting with her unborn seed as her body becomes the root to the nutrition the growing embryo will need.

Latanya T. Marbley, my mother, is one of the strongest women I know.

My Queen

She believes in forgiveness, works with no complaints, smiles at life through the good and bad, makes you laugh when you call yourself mad, a selfless QUEEN I always believed to be, the best blessing I could ever dream–I love you mom!


My mother is responsible for not one, but four fantastic beings; Brea, Jne, Josh and me. Thank you for being the best mom to each and everyone of us. Unconditionally loving us, caring for us, putting us first and standing with us through every and any situation–We Thank you.



My love and respect for you as my mother, runs so deep, even words can’t explain. Trust, I never lie my head to rest without sending prayers over your name. You have worked miracles in my life through prayer and simply saying everything will be okay, never letting me feel to defeated after a bad decision I made. Because of you, I now know, mistakes are just mistakes, little things I’ll get over. 🙂  

Growing up with you as my mother has been quite a journey mommie. You were the one who protected us from the poison Ivy,

Jne holding Josh,  Brea standing , Mikey,  Cheyenne


the one who saved us from the lobster that got loose at dads (lol–memories).

Mom, even through the hard times, you were the one who stayed with me at the hospital, sleeping next to my hospital bed.

You ma, it was you, the one who got me through, every obstacle and childhood bruise, you knew exactly what to do. My secret weapon, is what I’m going to call you.

Mom and I

Mom, I only wish I can tell you all the broken things that you mend, you are a truly an angel, one heaven sent.

You are MY mother, a mother never putting anything before her child, especially her own happiness, thank you for being super caring, constantly giving, always respecting, never neglecting, and continuously loving us unconditionally.

Mom, you are a true superwoman. 


Celebrating You  Grandma


More from the mothers!

A Word From a Mother 

“I teach provide and instill everything I know about life back into my children. It is my job as a parent to teach my children to be independent, clear headed and grounded within society, street and book smart, as well as being the best they can be. ” –Brea Hollis, Mother of Three.

My name is  Brea Hollis and I am a  mother of 3 beautiful children,  who happen to all be delivered from a C-Section also know as a cesarean. I became a mother at the age 18, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!


Delivering my first child, turned out to actually be an emergency, all kinds of thoughts were going through my mind. At the time, I was more nervous about having the C-Section than becoming a mother. Gracefully, the delivery was a major success.  

Five years after my first born, BOOM, I was pregnant again, which also followed a C-Section along with the birth of my third born.

Cheyenne , third born, Mother

Although the delivery of my children was quite dangerous and scary, for me and my children, I’m proud to say that I’m a CESAREAN CHAMP that CAN FACE ANYTHING.

Through my experiences as a mother carrying, delivery and still till this day raising my children, being a mother to me is more than a responsibility or a job. It’s MY LIFESTYLE. 

The 3

A word to my mother

Walmart Participate


“My mom is the most genuine person on earth.” -Henry


Walmart Participate

To Marla Peterson,


“My mother is my mother and father, though my father is still in the picture–Love you mom.”


Smokey Reality


Monday’s remind me of smokey crowded places, everything jammed in a scramble just to make sense of the week.


After about 3 snoozes, I Lie on my back, right hand to my forehead, questioning the feeling of “the day after” like, is this really my life after two full days of food, fun and sleep?

For sure it is, I answer to myself, mumbling a little sarcasm to boost my energy out of bed “Goals are still set to be met, there is no cheat sheet for goal achievement yet…”

Classical me, self-motivating reality check.

I pull myself together and make my list of To Do’s for a weeks work, everything so organized and prioritized to the T!


Sure enough, not even completely settled in the home office, deadlines for mid-month contract assignments were the first to pull my leg. My email list, prior to the weekend, was not what I remembered as unfinished business, ensuring that all clients were comfortable with our last meeting finalizing concerns before deadline, yet in still, when duty calls, duty calls.

Coffee any one?

Well, two shots for me!

Let’s face it, one of my most enjoyed moments at work come from solving problems from client scares about their documentation. Even at the peek of the week. A client is just a passionate individual whose concerned about the status of their work and it’s my responsibility to secure good faith in production–whatever they need, it’s up to me. That’s a deal breaker. As long as I put my clients first and adhere to all questions and concerns professionally, not personally, I stand pretty confident that even on a Monday, no task is too big for me…even through a smokey reality.




Shopping with NoniKay

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