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Purple Ice

Singing “Ice Ice baby, gives me life life baby” all the way out the door from my latest nail appointment, and my shxxt is fire–Purple Ice!


Yes! my purple set is everything and I’m not even a purple/pink type of gal but my color still poppin tho!

The purple polish was actually an unplanned color arrangement, and to my surprise its topping majority of my looks. I’m not sure if its the color combination, purple and broken glass sliver, or the bling that set the whole look on fire.

Either way, I killed it.

So, this whole thing came about a Saturday ago after waking up to gloomy skies. After my morning routine and breakfast, the melody of Janelle Monae’s #Pynk randomly started playing in my head.

I recited over and over “If you got the Blue, I got the Pynk” and the last time I recited the chorus, I said instead “If you got the Blue, I got the Purple” 😕 (Not the best rhythm flow)


Sadly, that melody was not it! But honey, the sound of purple, sounded so darn good that I wanted to try something new, so I shot to the nail shop and boom, purple ice was born.

I’m coffin cute and bling out boo!

Like this look?

Color : Opi Purple

Color : Opi Broken Glass Silver

Bling : Pink medium Oval center stone. Surrounded with small silver stones


Her Way

Creating should have been my second name! I love it, especially when it stands behind the things I love and most definitely enjoy, and right now it’s all about my nails!


I generally spend mad $$$$ just to get a new nail fix and I don’t mind the price of it either, though I should, because stones are expensive and loosing one is not worth the price you pay to have them added to the design. This time around, I ditched the stones and the nail salon, but I’m not nail-less…

I’m actually my first client, (lol!)


I took a chance on “why not” and invested in my joys. That’s right, and I encourage all of us to get with the program and try to do the things we spend most of our money on. Not the things we need that we spend so much on, but the things we want.  Anyway,  I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply store, picked up a nail kit (for beginners), polish, buffers and filers (all that good stuff) only to experience my very first nail service.

To be totally honest, I didn’t get it on the first try but I didn’t quit either. I practiced several times, breaking and replacing the tips for an acrylic nail and to my surprise, I wasn’t that bad….




Neon Bling 

Welcome to the Tour lovers, muah!

We got Neon Bling!


I said : Isn’t Bling, bling a girl’s best friend?

She said : Rhinestones on a new set?

I said : Oh why not? My nailz always come out looking the best.  

Today we’re talking Neon Bling.

As the summertime approaches I’m starting to believe, that pink is the kick-off color for summer and spring. The gentle yet spicy coated pink polish is never really my color of choosing, however, this time at the salon a slight “color rush” came over me.

For those of you that may not know, a color rush, is an anxious feeling that surrounds you at the site of choosing a new color.

Usually, I go into a nail appointment with my idea and color right on the tip of my tongue, to save time, but this time was different. I wanted something bright. I wanted something edgy, you know “not my typical nail look” so once I went to pick a color, the yellows, baby blues and neon greens were all there, screaming “pick me” I buckled down, bit my lip and chose both pink and neon green/yellow.


The idea was brilliant, at least that’s what I thought.

The Nail Technician was not feeling my creative colors of choosing, in fact, she and a few others were so curious and opinonate about what I wanted for me, that I had to show them exactly what I saw in my mind for this new neon polish idea, I just knew my idea was going to be favored by other nail creatives just like me.

After the polish set-in, I myself,  was not feeling my own idea, (lol). But she “thinks” she never “sleeps” so, I took a few glances at my freshly polished nails and I told my nail technician, “Girl, don’t run off, I want to add some bling.” She looked and me with her mask covering the bridge of her nose and said “I don’t do bling. Me not good. Let me get someone.”

She returned with a new Technician and the manager. The manager of course, was standing around to see just what I had plans to do with a little bling bling. He then, spoke to me and brought out all the stones–I was in nail heaven!

I saw flower shaped stones, dual ones (not my style) and really rainbow sparkly ones. I chose the medium size sparkly clear stones, instead of the rainbow ones because I didn’t want the color from the stones to take away from the neon polish.

I instructed the Techican one the style and placement I wanted for the look and to my surprise the neon pink and green with the dash of bling was all it took to nail my new NEON LOOK.



It’s just Jungle Fever to me baby.

That song “No Church In The Wild” by Kanye West, Frank Ocean and Jay-Z, was the very song that struck this idea of a paint job.


Let’s talk colors shall we..

Red can symbolize a lot of different things; Rage, Passion, Danger, Love,–just to name a few. Taupe on the other hand is just earthy, the only symbol for Taupe that I would know is earth, alongside green and that bark of a tree color brown.


Red and Taupe bring me a feeling that states “I am grounded in my passion and in my rage”. And like domestic animals, naturally they are ragous and dangerous species, yet, grounded in their nature.

For me, I am positively wild, and at times, negatively outrageous, yet in still grounded in MY TRUTH, and that kind-of fever brings the jungle out of me! My wild side is my passion for the things I want out of my life, I take risk and pride myself to live my dreams carefree–a dream is not a dream living in worry. My boldness is my taupe, the ability to “be” as I am and as I am chosen to be.

Nail Theme Creator | Her_Nailz_Tour

Nail Tech | Anonymous

Nail Salon | Zen Nails

Nail Location | Irving, TX


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She’s Like Yellow


Her beautiful amazingly shaped,  nicely polished Artistic Nails, left me in Awe from the sight of them. All I could see was Yellow.


Yellow like the bright sun, shinning loud like good reefer.

The essence of a sunny day, beautiful, gravitating, positive energy. Everything she did and said reminded me of Yellow. The brightness you look for in the midst of the night. Her Yellow was unexplained, yet she wore it as if that’s all she knew.


#YellowInspired #EmbracingThePositive #Summer #Spring #Nails #BANANA #CrazyCool #PolishFleek #NailsForTheSummer #YellowMe #BrightEnergy #YellowKeepsItMello



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IMG_7656 (1)

Bossed up, bling’d out, shape on point and polish straight flawless —all I can do is slay .

A new nail job is always a big deal, at least for me, the captain of this nail ship; Chy. I L.O.V.E my nails. Nails to me are like brand new weave(s). I mean, I know I’m not the only one who’s left the nail shop with a new set, feeling and giving everyone the don’t try it finger.. (I’m just saying.)


Nails just bring out the claws in me (giggles) and it’s all fun and games until one of those coffin shaped finger nails break after opening the car door. (B******* that shxxt hurt.)

Yea, I’m already daydreaming of a new nail..

I found an interest in nail fashion 4 years ago. One year after that, I fell head over hills for them, everything about them was fascinating from the placement of the nail tip to the ability to sculpt nails from acrylic; absolutely everything!

When I first started my nail journey, I experienced some pretty bad nail jobs. After all, I was a rookie. I had no idea what I liked or what I wanted my nails to be at that time. Even colors were hard to decide on but I still went through with every nail appointment, wearing each set, bad or descent, with confidence.

I had some influences along the way of growing a love for nails, my second oldest sister, and a good girlfriend of mine.  I was a Tom-boy growing up and nails just wasn’t my thing. Occasionally, I’d get my nails done but the wait time, sitting for an hour or so just wasn’t my idea of a good time. So making a regular nail appointment wasn’t happening for me.


…Yet, the nail wave has somehow made its way to my favorites list and I’m here for it!

 Join me as I do the honors to welcome you to HER NAILZ TOUR, my personal blog sharing my perspective  and love for nail fashion.