Flood the Fashion

Flood the Fashion

CarminesJacket: Beyond The Lights Fashion Show
Creative Content By: ChyWrites
August 21, 2017

“Fashion is ultimately a form of self-expression. That’s why I love trying out new things.” -Ashley Madekwe.

August 13, 2017, CarminesJacket (CJ)-Beyond the Lights: Fashion Show was introduced to the City of Dallas for the first time. CarminesJacket, in short, resembles pieces of clothing you just can’t break away from.

The fashion show caught me by surprise actually. I ran across a website link, that appeared to be a flyer on Facebook promoting a fashion show. I clicked the photo to find that my screen opened to a whole new browser–CraminesJacket.

Hmm, Interesting I thought, “whose Carmine and what’s up with the Jacket?”

Carmine, is Carmine Rose, an idealist, dreamer, mother, model and a God fearing woman. The Jacket, on the other hand, symbolizes a piece of clothing that lives forever in your wardrobe collection. Clothing still fashionable through your lens and others, depending on how you rock it!

Modeling and fashion has been my everything since I was little I stayed in trouble for cutting my clothes and trying to change up what my parents bought me, lol! Fashion, for me, is a way of expression, you can always tell how I feel by what I have on or what color I have in my hair. I’m so excited to see what God has for me in this industry. I just want to be in a position to help people and inspire those who may need a little extra push in life!“-Carmine Rose.

The theme ,Beyond the Lights, was the direct highlight for the models. Fashion shows generally focus on the design, creator and style. In this case, the focus was made to highlight the models. The show created a platform for models to DO THEM and do it well–I believe all of the models lived up to that!

The right time to converse openly with the right people concerning dreams and aspirations, all-the-while, receiving understanding and positive feedback is creative destiny.  Thats one way to describe  the amazing turn-out of the show.

Gregory Smith, Director and Foreseer of Beyond the Lights Fashion Show, made an opportunity for himself to connect with Rose via social media based off of a hunch.

“…It was intuition. Through her photos, she seemed to be a cool girl, but everybody can’t see that through an image, but if I show that image in video, more people will fall in like with her.” said Smith, “She has always been about modeling and she is truly passionate about it. I wanted to produce content, graphics, designs and more, for Carmines idea, whatever it took to build a platform for models..”

The collaboration process exceeded its expectations as the production contributed long days and even longer nights to mesh the ideas of CarminesJacket to reality.  The teamwork showed itself throughout the entire show. Walking into the building felt like Hollywood. Bar service was refreshing,  servings were tasty and the show host kept it entertaining.

The guest were at the exposal of two photographers during and after the show. During the show, mini tasty cake appetizers were offered complimentary for attending, as well as the bar service.  The stage setup was very intimate. The seating was close to the runway, which allowed the guest to get a first glance on every model and design. There was no fun left behind. The camera/video crew was all over the media coverage, ensuring that no moment was left un-captured.

Behind the Lights, Fashion Show did exactly that! The models owned the runway as they walked with confidence, attitude, and originality.

Looks were outstanding.
Atomsphere was inviting.
Timing was perfect.
Fashion was incredible.

Keep a lookout for CarminesJacket! A new influential wave of fashion and originality has made it’s way to the community, and Rose an her team are definitely bringing sass, class and fasss-hion to aspiring models all across the map.