“Is This Thing On?” DFWiRadio Experience on the Zhamir Watson Show

“Is this thing on??”

Are the exact words flying in and out of my mouth anytime I am in the presence of a microphone, especially if it happens to be stationed at a Radio Station!



DFWiRadio did Still Young Magazine a priceless favor by choosing us, the Still Young Magazine Team, to join them on The Zhamir Watson Show to chat about all things STILL YOUNG!

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Saturday April 7th, was definitely a day to remember. I got up around 10 AM to prepare my mind and share some me time in the mirror to prepare myself for my very first guest appearance on The Zhamir Watson Show . Originally, the invite was not the most exciting to take in, not because I was ungrateful or anything, but fear. Honestly, I just lack the confidence in my ability to talk clearly with understanding about my vision, pertaining to anything; it’s nothing personal.


About an hour or so later my fiance’ had awaken to prepare himself for our appearance on the radio show.

We never talked about the anxiety, although we both felt it. Instead , we played everything cool. We thought about what to say, and slightly reminded each other “we got this” and sure enough we did.

The show…


Words cannot express the time we had, as first time radio guest–we showed out! Wow. A complete reminder that success is made by those of the brave. Success is, indeed, the result of fearless people. People who are unafraid of making mistakes, yet owning them throughout their journey. I felt like one of those people–we are those people.

The station was so unreal. It was almost like being in the act of watching my regular morning dose of the interviews on the breakfast club. It felt like home in a sense; a place I knew but hadn’t been yet. The studio was a great size, it was decorated with great graphics and plaques reflecting the station. The Studio space was so spacious bringing an inviting, yet relaxing vibe to the table (getting comfortable prior to interviewing is the best dose of coffee before the party. I’m just saying). The Host was great! He hit us with great questions that allowed us to really vocalize what we stand for.


We conversed about our latest project, Still Young Magazine. The online Creative Arts Publication, aspiring to inspire to redefine y(our) youth. We elaborated on our latest Volume Release, V4; our take on choosing our monthly features and  the expectations for the months ahead and the years to come.


This experience definitely marks unforgettable. Follow us to keep up with our publication as it grows and blossoms into the inspiration we all need to succeed on the run to our dreams!

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Watch Full Video Tonight at 8PM via YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-6RuZoZjwMFScnjInZ4hQ/featured?view_as=subscriber