#LoadingStillYoung 2019

still young new year edition

#NEWYEAREDITION #LoadingStillYoung2019
Greetings! Still Young is back for a second time, aspiring the minds that motivate our grind, but this year we will be operating a little differently.

Yes, we still stand for aspiring to inspire our youth, but we will not operate the same, this means SYM will not post on a monthly basis. Instead our post will be converting to Tri-monthly. *
In regards to the change(s) in our production, SYM website will be down for relaunch until July 2019. However, our social media accounts will still stream featured content and post periodically. *
The relaunch of SYM will detail new information on submitting to feature as an artist, business owner or a testimonial, as well as subscribing to our site.
We look forward to introducing our new and improved Young Mag this July! *
As for now, stay tune and get inspired!
Catch our New featured article at a special time tomorrow afternoon covering Dallas, Texas up and coming podcast, “Demanding A Better Me” Owner and Operator, Daci J! @demanding_a_better_me

Note: You may access the article tomorrow afternoon via Still Young website, but other pages will be down and under construction.

Photo Credit : @naturalstateimages

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