Music Made to Motivate


“Up and coming Los Angeles Artist, Novan Moore is one that’s surely marching to his own drum truthfully and musically. Moore, is LA raised and temporarily residing in Dallas,Texas to expand his horizon through eye opening experiences, in both culture and music…” {CONT}

Want More Motivation ??

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2 thoughts on “Music Made to Motivate

  1. Thank you guys so much for this feature. I appreciate everything, even for making me feel good and inspiring me and showing me that I am important and if I keep at it, I can achieve it! Still Young Magazine is one of the best and the interview was one for the books. It’s about to take off!!!!!! So professional, so kind, diligent and understanding. Kudos! -Novàn Moore

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    1. Our heart melts for this! This is WHAT MAKES YOU STILL YOUNG! Your will, drive and determine to do what you LOVE. We thank you so much for allowing us to use you our V5 Music inspiration 🙏🏽!


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