(N.O.W) Color Inspiration 4.26.18

Nail of the Week (N.O.W) Color Inspiration

Red and Taupe made nail of week from it’s cool and collective earth feel (Taupe), mixed with a little danger and passion (RED).

The earth mixture tone exposures a temperatures of cool and fire. The melo mixture brought out the wild side of  polish, with its matte covering, settling the look for a more solid look, rather than glossy and flawless. The animal print stones really gave this nail set a wild-like personality.

Our inspiration was inspired by

Music | Kanye West, Frank Ocean – No Church In The Wild 

Her Nailz Tour

Stone Inspiration | Pretty Little Things and Wild Life Dreams

Her Nailz Tour (1)

Nail Theme Creator | Her_Nailz_Tour

Nail Tech | Anonymous

Nail Salon | Zen Nails

Nail Location | Irving, TX

#Nailz #ColorMix #Red #Earth #Levels #Stones #JungleFever #EarthVibes #RageousVibes #JungleVibes #NailzOnMatte #MatteRed #MatteTaupe # SummerMelo #AnimalStones #TaupeAccent #MusicInspired #Flames #Dirt #Nailz #HerNailzTour #WelcomeToTheTour #WTTT


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