Take A Walk With Us

#TakeAWalkWithUs Press Play to catch this E X C L U S I V E SNEAK PEAK‼️ 4.7.18 marks a very special moment for Still Young Magazine—our very first radio experience!!! #FunShxxt #OurShxxt #AprilShxxt We are so blessed and very grateful to even have such an opportunity to loosen up and talk about what we do and why we do it!

This week we will be posting a written overview over our experience (Chy in the City) as well as the full video, which will be accessible via Still Young Magazine Website 💯

Catch this sneak peak!!! #SneakPeak #V4Exclusive #FirstTime #CITC #Video #Radio #OnlinePunlication #LivingADream #BuildingGreatThings #WalkWithUs #SYM2018

Dear April, Letter From the Editor

My world, Chy’s world that is, is never just a walk in the park, in fact, it’s totally the opposite, and that’s why I embrace who I am as well, as who I believe I am, an imaginary, a woman of great thoughts, and a vessel of possibilities all because I dream, yet most importantly, I stand firm to execute my dreams to existence in reality…{CONT.}