LuV in a Cup: A Writer’s Zen

“Beep, beep, snooze.

Beep, beep, beep, snooze.

Beep, Beep.. she reaches for the clock,

finding herself faintly screaming, 7 ah fucking clock!

Minutes. Seconds. One whole hour just to get dressed.

What better timing, she said, mumbling under her breath.

Running through the front door nearly out of breath, she reaches for her purse to realize what she left,  

Shit. I’m late.

I left the keys on my desk…

The crack of dawn brings the aroma of fresh beans brewing through the morning breeze. This always calms the uncontrollable frenzy of deadline crunch time.

Breathe Relax. Sip. Sometimes, before I write, before I think, Luv in a cup becomes a zen for me. Not the love for the cup, but the luv in the cup–coffee. Hot fresh coffee.


That’s all the love I need, the love I need every morning

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