When I Was Young

Written by: Chywrites 

When I was young, I never knew the beauty of “BLACK HAIR”, yet as I grew, I learned to love me–That included everything.


Theme | B. History Free The Fro

Models | @eugiek13 @vinzente_tayla @melodyhendrixx

MUAs | @antoinette_faces

Photographer | Leon Behind the Lens @youngking1__

My hair is not straight, although I can lay it that way. My hair is not thin, not the texture that you see on TV, blowing through the wind. My hair is of it’s own, thick and wavy, maybe shrunken and tangly, whatever my hair feels like feeling that day. That’s right, my hair can be whatever I wish it to be, I may straighten my hair but that’s 100% UP TO ME.

No job or person will tell me what my hair should or can be.

My hair is pretty and beautiful on me. I AM BOLD and BEAUTIFUL, watch me embrace MY BLACK HAIR DREAM.

My Black hair celebrates my beautiful black roots. It takes me back to the beauty I never knew.

My Black Hair is the exchange between energy and motion, it stands to protect my scalp from the open beams of the heat or cold winter chill.

My Black Hair is beauty, moody and CAREFREE. I AM NATURAL…LOVE ME AS ME.

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