Embracing the Strong Black Queen

Written by : Chywrites 

Strong can be defined as having the ability to handle any tasks mentally, physically and emotionally weighing you down.

A Black Woman is inevitably a STRONG BLACK QUEEN. She is the strength behind self-sustaining, teaching and protecting through the madness that society brings.

She is bold and She is fierce.


Theme | B.History Free The Fro | Tribal

Model | @Ky_designs

MUA | @yess_gonzalez7

Photographer | Leon Behind The Lens

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I love my beautiful BLACK QUEENs 👑

Life is full of unfortunate situations, and it’s unfortunate that black people have been hated amongst the races.

Though times are progressing, we still have to fight for our respect ✊🏾 and stand tall against the INJUSTICE in America—we are BLACK and OUR LIVES DO MATTER ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

I give it up to all my BLACK MOTHERS for protecting, teaching and guiding us along side of there KING!

Let’s shout BLACK POWER and embrace our STRONG BLACK QUEENS!

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