Tribal Love

“My tribe is our tribe, this union, which can not be replaced.”-Love

 When a man stands memorized by his Queen, nothing can take his eyes off such a beautiful scene–his Queen. She then becomes his everything, his protector, Tribal Commander-in-Chief, but still he stands to protect her, as her King.

Guarding her with his soul, protecting his inner peace.  


Still Young Magazine | V2 B. History Free the Fro Collaborative Shoot 

Theme | Tribal Love 

Models | @Ky_achuba @moon_chase @Idonisha

MUA | @yess_gonalez7 @piinkyb__ @antoinette_FACES.

Photographer | Leon Behind the Lens 


The word tribal surfaces from the characteristics of a tribe. A tribe can be defined as a group of distinct people, dependent on their land for their livelihood, who are largely self-sufficient and not integrated into the national society. 

Love is the spiritual, mental and emotional state experienced from the deepest root of the interpersonal affection. This means, if all in synced, tribal love can be defined as a distinct connection between the heart and the soul. Bringing cultural awareness to enlighten who you are, what you respect and who you honor in connection to self and love.


We are discovering the beauty of Tribal Love.  



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