The Black Hair Dream

To identify our strength, you must recognize our roots—Our History is the Black Hair Dream

Still Young Magazine Volume 2

Theme | B. History Free The Fro

Model | Vinzente “Tayla” Lowe

MUA IG | @antoinette_FACES.

Photographer | Leon Behind the Lens


Hair, but not just any hair, I’m talking about the BLACK HAIR DREAM. The hair I’ve seen on KINGS & QUEENS the ones that reflect my ancient genes, my ancestors, those KINGS & QUEENS.



Hair has always been a huge focus in the black community, particularly against, Black Women because our hair is not made the “European Way”—Straight.


But who died and made hair the focal point of our future, or character even?


We are NOT our hair, says the famous India Aire


Our HISTORY is the mystery We so proudly claim, which makes us all BLACK and PROUD conscious AFRO QUEENS, EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE, THE BLACK HAIR DREAM.

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