Angelic-My Taste of Heaven

With curls like mine, I just want to be free.

Show the world just how my freedom rings. No strings attached, hair ties or none of that.

Pure elegance is all, pause, don’t have a heart attack!

Still Young Magazine | V2

Theme | Angelic Fro

Models | Melody & Eguiek

MUA | Melody & @antoinette_FACES.

Photographer | Leon Behind the Lens

See my beauty is a gift packaged in BLACK and BROWN skin. Some say it’s heaven sent, but it’s just OUR flawless Melanin.

Angelic, I am a taste of heaven–beautiful in my skin.

#FREETHEFRO #FREE #BLACKGIRLMAGIC #ANGELIC #SoftBeauty #BLACK #SheIsRare #beautyatitsbest #LovetheSkinYourIn #Dallas #Black #BlackPower #Art #Mission #Message

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