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 “..aspire to inspire to redefine y(our) youth.”

!!Attention : Still Young Magazine will re-launch the new website 07/2019. All content will stream via social media after 01/30.

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You have now entered a world of youth stemmed behind the drive of self-perservance, told by the lives that seek more life, and made for those never settling for just getting by. Want more? Click About for more information.

Greetings and Happy New Year!
Can we honestly sit back and reflect on our start and finish of 2018? Still Young was birthed, and now, 2019, we shall be born again!
Still Young is back for a second time, aspiring the minds that motivate our grind, but this year we will be operating a little differently.
Yes, we still stand for aspiring to inspire our youth, but we will not operate the same, this means SYM will not post on a monthly basis. Instead our post will be converting to Tri-monthly.
In regards to the change(s) in our production, SYM website will be down for relaunch until July 2019. However, our social media accounts will still stream featured content and post periodically.
The relaunch of SYM will detail new information on submitting to feature as an artist, business owner or a testimonial, as well as subscribing to our site.
We look forward to introducing our new and improved Young Mag this July!
As for now, stay tune and get inspired!
Catch our New featured article at a special time tomorrow afternoon covering Dallas, Texas up and coming podcast, “Demanding A Better Me” Owner and Operator, Daci J!
Note: You may access the article tomorrow afternoon via Still Young website, but other pages will be down and under construction.
2018 to 2019 
As a special thank you, we would like to recognize all of our features that ran with us, supported us and worked with us in order to finish out the entire year of 2018. We had a blast with you guys–Every last one of you.
We manage to get so much done in the matter of 12 months; that’s one hell of an accomplishment for the Still Young Team.
As ‘always we look forward to collaborating with more ambitious artist and business owners. Through story telling and video making, we want to highlight the grind to your success!
Thank you for being a grand supporter of the Still Young Team.
2018 Collaboration Clips

Beaumont TX, Aspiring Model