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 “..aspire to inspire to redefine y(our) youth.”

The Blog in a form of a Magazine

You have now entered a world of youth stemmed behind the drive of self-perservance, told by the lives that seek more life, and made for those never settling for just getting by. Want more? Click About for more information.

Restructure. Reframe. Reflect

Volume 7

Per google, “the number seven refers to completeness and the aspect of things well done.” 

Our journey to establishing a publication surrounding arts, aspirations, inspirations and dedication is far from over, and through that reality a change is going to come.

Still Young Magazine serves as your non-traditional online publication better known as the online magazine functioning as a blog–the Official Blogazine aiming to redefine y(our) youth. We were established earlier this year in January and since the launch of our project, we have been building, reconstructing and developing other ways to create content that not only inspires but encourages and informs our readers, watchers and listeners.

Our journey, thus far, has been more than we could expect. We have made great connections, stepped out on faith and turned failures into blessings all alongside of learning a thing or two from every artist we’ve had a chance to meet.

Volume 7 is our door to a job well done, and our congrats will not be acknowledged by compliments, it will be displayed within this volume. This month we will showcase our best and deliver nothing less of that within every photo, video, and written piece.

We welcome Volume 7 and we hope you are ready to embrace the aspects of your life that reflect completeness as well as a job well done.


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